{Vintage Chic} Playroom

I could design little girl rooms ALL DAY LONG, they are so fun!  My client requested an updated space for her girl's playroom with two major goals in mind - lighten up the room and create LOTS OF STORAGE.  Every mom's dream, I think, is to be able to put toys away and out of sight.  Right, moms?!  We also needed this room to convert to a guest room, so even more reason to be able to hide all the Barbies, My Little Ponies, art supplies, and dress up attire.

We worked together with West Florida Cabinets to custom design built in benches and bookcase. The benches will have drawers for toy storage and will be under two windows, creating window seats and a little reading nook for the girls.  I always wanted a window seat to read on as I was growing up, I think they are so comfy and cozy.  This install is scheduled for the end of the month, so stay tuned for pictures. But for now, here's the project inspiration board: 

Vintage Chic Playroom.jpg

{Baby Girl Williams'} Touch of Blush Nursery

It's a GIRL!!!  When we found out we were having a baby girl, I was so excited, but unsure about all the pink that a baby girl comes with.  I am not a girly girl, and pink was never a favorite color of mine.  I knew I didn't want to paint the nursery walls pink, but I did want it to have feminine touches.

After some research, I found THE color, the PERFECT shade of pink, a pink I could live with...Blush!  Blush is a funny color, as to some it is just pink, plain and simple.  But to me, it's a little more sophisticated.  I decided to create a nursery space for baby girl Williams using mostly neutral tones and then adding touches of blush, not pink. {wink, wink}

Here's what I came up with.  I especially love the watercolor floral wallpaper accent wall.  I wanted to add elegance with a chandelier, and the one I chose is a gold tone capiz shell chandelier. The rug is soft and has a playful fringe on the ends, and the swivel recliner is perfect for those late night feedings.  Baby's room doesn't have a closet, so I had to find a creative clothing solution.  I love the wood and linen clothing rack by Little Foot Clothing Co.

Here is the inspiration board I put together to help me get her room together:

Baby Girl Nursery PROMO.jpg

And here is a quick snapshot of the finished nursery.  I love the space, as it's very serene and also very feminine without too much pink! 


{Eclectic Living Room} with a little Boho Flair

Happy Friday!!  It's a great day for some inspiration.  We are leaving for Disney World today, so please excuse my brevity in this post. I need to get packing and am frankly just too excited to write much! :-)

I wanted to share this super fun living room inspiration board.  I just LOVE it so much, and this type of decor can really fit into any home style because it's so eclectic - a touch of traditional, a touch of modern, a touch of boho.

I wanted to incorporate the softness of a slipcovered white sofa with the boldness of masculine leather chairs (plus I knew the hubby would love these).  I am loving the look of caramel colored leather versus the more traditional dark brown leather these days.  I toned these chairs down just a bit by adding a natural fiber light grey pillow.  The blue printed pillows pull in the blue from the Persian rug.

I am also really into the look of layered rugs.  The key here is to start with a large neutral rug, I prefer a natural fiber like just or seagrass.  Then to add some color and warmth, layer with a smaller colorful rug or even a cowhide rug if you want to keep with the neutral look.  It not only adds coziness to a scratchy natural fiber rug, but it also adds some serious style and interest!  It also makes it easy and affordable to change the look of the room.  Just switch out the rug, the throw pillows, and you have an entirely different look.

Lastly, I wanted to brighten up a corner desk with an oversized piece of artwork.  I chose this leaf print, because not only is it beautiful, but the green leaf really makes a nice contrast with all the blues and oranges going on in this room.  Add some linen drapery and you're good to go!!  

Have a wonderful weekend, I'm off to visit the MOUSE!

{Palafox Office} in Navy and Gold

Having just completed my home office, I was super excited to have a client who wanted her office space revamped.  I, personally, know how important it is to have an office that is eye pleasing.  You're in the space most of the week, so why not make it look nice and inviting.

She already had a light blue sofa and accent chair, so my job was to incorporate a new rug, desk, bookcase, side tables and some accent pillows.  The ultimate goal is to spruce up the current dark wood furnishings that are currently in the space, and create an environment where she and her clients can feel comfortable.  

I wanted to keep the space light, but also bring in the colors gold & navy to the room.  Here's the board I put together.  Look at that rug, it's so gorgeous!!! It has a lot of navy, but it's toned down with the cream colored raised design.  The side tables are a touch of gold, along with the beautiful new navy and gold office chair.  The darker colored lamps add some depth on top of the mirrored side tables.  A couple of linen throw pillows add a sense of coziness to the office, and the gold embroidered pillows tie it all together.  This will be space she and her clients will surely enjoy!  

Stay tuned for pictures....

{Jewelry Box} Powder Room

When I first saw this powder room, I must admit I was out of my comfort zone. It was painted a gorgeous jewel tone blue/green color, and the ceiling a metallic silver.  I have to say, it looked pretty awesome, but it was a far stretch from the whites and neutrals color scheme I tend to stick to. But I was completely looking forward to the challenge of brightening the space up and finishing it.

At our first meeting, my client mentioned she wanted this room to look like a jewelry box.  She definitely was on the right track with the silver ceiling and silver sconces.  The blue wall color really makes all the silver pop.  However, the blue was a little dark and we decided the room needed to be lighted up with some decorative accents and accessories.

There was already a pretty oval mirror in place, but I knew we could get away with a extra tall mirror, as the ceilings are so high.  A tall mirror creates a dramatic focal point and it also helps brighten things up.  

The room has a large empty wall, and we originally discussed the idea of hanging multiple vintage mirrors here.  However, we decided put up a large gallery wall with some beautiful botanical prints in mirrored frames.  She also has this great piece of artwork that was painted by a family member, and I knew I wanted to incorporate it somehow.  The blue tones in it pull out the wall color perfectly, and the yellow background contrasts nicely.  We had the canvas framed in a simple white frame to finish the piece.  A large white pitcher with some faux willow plants are placed on a large shelf, and also accent the high ceiling.

Here is the inspiration board for this {Jewelry Box} Powder Room.  I can't wait to show you the finished room very, very soon!  Stay tuned. 

{East Hill} Mudroom

A friend of mine recently approached me and asked if I would help with her family's mudroom/back entry way, and I was nothing but thrilled!   I have always wanted to do a mudroom complete with built in lockers for kiddos.  

The mudroom is the back entryway of their house and the room that leads to and from their pool, so not only do guests come in and out here, but also two sopping wet boys.  This family has two sweet sons, who just LOVE everything outdoors and sports!  That being said, I noticed right away that sufficient storage for all of their sports equipment and outdoor toys would be a must!  Overall, it had to be functional for after sports games, pool days, and most importantly appealing to guests.  

Here is what was on the East Hill Mudroom wish list: new lighting, a kids artwork display, and storage bins.  I have also added some other functional pieces that will help keep the clutter down.  

Here is the final inspiration board, and I just love it.  Look that that chandelier, isn't is so much FUN!  And the marble top table is sure to be both an eye pleaser and a functional piece this family will use for a long time!  Stay tuned for the final product....

{Perdido Beach House} Dining Room

Oh my, this project's inspiration board has definitely given me beach house fever.  I just adore the colors navy, gray, and coral together!

My client wanted a light, bright, and airy feeling dining room that would accommodate her large family when they come to visit.  She also wanted the room to be fun and comfortable.  The openness of the dining room allows for a large dining table that will comfortably seat 8 people.  We decided to stay in a mostly neutral palate, but added a subtle pop of color with parsons chairs at either end of the table.  My client found this super cool chandelier with glass bubbles. The grandkids are sure to love this piece!

This room is fully open to the living room, so we will tie both of the rooms together by staying on a similar color palate.  Stay tuned for the living room inspiration board.  It's just as good!

{Baylen Street} Living Room

I am so excited to share the inspiration board to one of my most recent projects.  This family is going through what we went through a couple years ago - renovating a historic home.  Their renovations aren't super extensive, but once you start going with even small projects - you learn that those can become big projects!

My client was looking for a living room a space that was finished, and where her family could relax after long weekends of working on the house.  Whenever you're renovating, and especially when you're living in the space, it's always nice to have a 'finished' room to retreat to.

I was so excited to get going with her project {and I'll be honest - I've always wanted to see inside this home}!  One item on her must have list was a gallery wall.  I think gallery walls are such a great way to make a beautiful focal point and to display your favorite memories.  Here's the inspiration board I put together for this project.  She already had some great pieces in the room, and it was already painted a pretty color, so my main job was to just add some finishing touches and tie it all together.

Stay tuned for the completed project......

{Jaxon's Big Boy Bedroom} Inspiration Board

When my son, Jaxon, turned 5 we decided it was time to surprise him with a big boy bedroom.  At the time, he was completely obsessed with Batman and Star Wars, so I had to somehow integrate both into his bedroom.  But I did not want to do a fully themed room that would turn into another redo project in a couple of years.  So, I focused on making the room neutral with hints of the superhero theme.  

Stay tuned for the blog post about this really fun day!