{Baylen Street} Living Room

I am so excited to share the inspiration board to one of my most recent projects.  This family is going through what we went through a couple years ago - renovating a historic home.  Their renovations aren't super extensive, but once you start going with even small projects - you learn that those can become big projects!

My client was looking for a living room a space that was finished, and where her family could relax after long weekends of working on the house.  Whenever you're renovating, and especially when you're living in the space, it's always nice to have a 'finished' room to retreat to.

I was so excited to get going with her project {and I'll be honest - I've always wanted to see inside this home}!  One item on her must have list was a gallery wall.  I think gallery walls are such a great way to make a beautiful focal point and to display your favorite memories.  Here's the inspiration board I put together for this project.  She already had some great pieces in the room, and it was already painted a pretty color, so my main job was to just add some finishing touches and tie it all together.

Stay tuned for the completed project......