{Eclectic Living Room} with a little Boho Flair

Happy Friday!!  It's a great day for some inspiration.  We are leaving for Disney World today, so please excuse my brevity in this post. I need to get packing and am frankly just too excited to write much! :-)

I wanted to share this super fun living room inspiration board.  I just LOVE it so much, and this type of decor can really fit into any home style because it's so eclectic - a touch of traditional, a touch of modern, a touch of boho.

I wanted to incorporate the softness of a slipcovered white sofa with the boldness of masculine leather chairs (plus I knew the hubby would love these).  I am loving the look of caramel colored leather versus the more traditional dark brown leather these days.  I toned these chairs down just a bit by adding a natural fiber light grey pillow.  The blue printed pillows pull in the blue from the Persian rug.

I am also really into the look of layered rugs.  The key here is to start with a large neutral rug, I prefer a natural fiber like just or seagrass.  Then to add some color and warmth, layer with a smaller colorful rug or even a cowhide rug if you want to keep with the neutral look.  It not only adds coziness to a scratchy natural fiber rug, but it also adds some serious style and interest!  It also makes it easy and affordable to change the look of the room.  Just switch out the rug, the throw pillows, and you have an entirely different look.

Lastly, I wanted to brighten up a corner desk with an oversized piece of artwork.  I chose this leaf print, because not only is it beautiful, but the green leaf really makes a nice contrast with all the blues and oranges going on in this room.  Add some linen drapery and you're good to go!!  

Have a wonderful weekend, I'm off to visit the MOUSE!