{Vintage Chic} Playroom

I could design little girl rooms ALL DAY LONG, they are so fun!  My client requested an updated space for her girl's playroom with two major goals in mind - lighten up the room and create LOTS OF STORAGE.  Every mom's dream, I think, is to be able to put toys away and out of sight.  Right, moms?!  We also needed this room to convert to a guest room, so even more reason to be able to hide all the Barbies, My Little Ponies, art supplies, and dress up attire.

We worked together with West Florida Cabinets to custom design built in benches and bookcase. The benches will have drawers for toy storage and will be under two windows, creating window seats and a little reading nook for the girls.  I always wanted a window seat to read on as I was growing up, I think they are so comfy and cozy.  This install is scheduled for the end of the month, so stay tuned for pictures. But for now, here's the project inspiration board: 

Vintage Chic Playroom.jpg