Living {Room} in Comfort & Style

Ahh....the living room.  Next to the kitchen, it's one of my favorite rooms in our home.  It's comfortable, inviting, and showcases some of my favorite photos of my family.  It's where we gather after dinner to watch America's Funniest Home Videos.  It's where my husband and I snuggle and watch movies after our son is in bed.  It's where we host game night with friends sitting on the floor with their shoes off.  It's the view from my office space.  So much goes on here, that I had to make it a beautiful and bright space.

When designing this room, I wanted to make sure I used fabrics that were easy to clean. Slipcovered furniture is always a plus when you have three pets and a little boy.  And I'm a little OCD, so being able to wash what we sit on everyday is very important to me.  One of my favorite pieces in the room is the oversized ottoman.  My personal handyman {the hubby} built it for me.  I'm so lucky I married a man who can just about do anything!

I wanted a rug that would be soft, but yet durable.  This rug is from Target and is an indoor/outdoor rug.  It's perfect for bare feet and has held up well.  And, if I ever need to give it a deep clean, I can take it outside and spray it down with soapy water.  Perfect!

I was extremely hesitant on adding curtains to the room, as I didn't want to cover up the original and ornate moulding.  However, I found these simple white curtains that were actually long enough at IKEA and decided to give them a try.  I now actually love the curtains and think they add a nice soft touch to the room, along with making the room look taller.  I made sure to install the rod above the window moulding so you can still see the pretty corner blocks.

The console table is one of my absolute favorite finds!!  I had been eyeing pieces like this at upscale interior stores.  One day I was at a local antique mall, and noticed a building next door that was closed.  I peered into the window and there she was, beautiful and rustic, a vintage work bench that I just had to have.  I called the number on the door, and long story short, went home with this beauty the same day.  And I got it for a stupid good price. 

The original parlor room to the house is now my office and is open to the living room.  However, I can close the pocket doors for privacy or quiet when needed.

The small hallway off the living room is the perfect space for our gallery wall of engagement and wedding pictures.  We paid a lot of money for those, why not show them off, right?  And I love our family photos that line the vintage work bench/console table. 

It's so important to make your home personal and beautiful.  It's where your most important memories are made.  Have a wonderful weekend!