The Home Office @ Brainerd Street

A home office, sounds dreamy doesn't it?  Getting up and sitting in front of your computer in your pajamas, so glorious!!  But then that little voice called procrastination, or in my world that TV show called "Fixer Upper" comes into play....

That's why, when I knew I was starting my own business, I knew I had to have a dedicated office space in our house and it had to be pretty so I would want sit in it everyday.  We have a lovely room right off the foyer that we hardly ever used, so this was going to be it.  A large and bright room, with lots of natural sunlight was a must have for my office space.  

So this is where the magic happens.  This is where I spend many mornings writing blog posts. This is where I check and post to Facebook and Instagram.  This is where my son hangs out while mommy works.  This is my home office space.

When we first bought the house, the fireplace had white paint lathered all over it.  Taking off this paint was one of the most time consuming projects we undertook while renovating The Brainerd Street House.  The fireplace tile was a horrible yellow/green color, which I finally painted over.  Here are some before pictures of what this room once was.   You can see the beautiful pocket doors that connect this room to the living room.

We made the decision to take out the french doors that opened to the front porch, as they were aluminum and not original.  Instead we had two windows installed to match the existing original windows.  

Here is what the fireplace looked like.  I'll be honest, I did like it white, but we fell into the mode of reviving and saving the house so we wanted to restore it as much as possible.  Removing paint from the fireplaces were definitely one of the the most difficult tasks, as there was so much detail with tiny nooks and crannies.  My mother-in-law worked so hard on removing paint from all the detailed wood pieces with dental like tools. 

Like I've said before, the heat gun was our best friend during this renovation!  It worked like magic on melting the paint off.

Once we finished the bulk of the work in the room, we really didn't know what to do with it.  We moved in and didn't have near enough furniture to fill the space so we just threw some old chairs and a coffee table in there.  It was so dark with the dark chairs, dark wood fireplace and dark floors. 

I had also bought the piece to the left of the fireplace from a local store, DUH for Garden and Home.  It is an antique piece from China and housed our liquor at our previous home, and I didn't want to just get rid of it.  I'm glad I didn't because now it's home to paint color books and all of my files.   As you can see, the front room of our house has gone under quite a transformation.  Now, as my home office, it's bright, light and airy.  It's the perfect space to tell my story and create beautiful spaces for other people to live in.  Here are a few more images of my home office now. 

I had to brighten the space because of the two large wood pieces in the room - the fireplace and the antique cabinet.  So I added our white sofa, a white desk and chair, and a great aztec print rug from Target.  I found the wine barrel chandelier from DUH as well.  It's more wood, but I just had to have it, and I think it ties into the fireplace very well. 

One of my absolute favorite pieces in this room is my Moose.  I knew I wanted some kind of quirky piece in here and this does the trick!  Again, it's that strange animal obsession I have.

In the inglenook area, next to the fireplace, there is my husband's grandfather's old trunk that I threw some oversized pillows on.  It's a great place for my son to sit and look outside, or let's be honest, to play on the iPad.

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into my home office space.  Have a lovely week!