{Perdido Beach Condo} Dining Room

Good Saturday morning!! I am so excited to share this space with you! In case you missed it, here is the original project inspiration board for the dining room.  Stay tuned for the {Perdido Beach Condo} Living Room next week.

My client wanted an updated and bright space for her family to come and enjoy, but also to look pretty and sophisticated which is perfectly her.  When I started this project, I had not yet seen the space, only pictures of what it looked like when it was being rented out.  This was the initial mood board I put together to create an upscale coastal look, and as you will see it evolved throughout the process.  Some items stayed, some got bigger, and some changed completely.  However, the overall look stayed pretty consistent and I just love it! 

I had so much fun putting the space together, and adding the finishing touches.  It's now an inviting beach house which is comfortable for my client's kiddos and grand-kiddos alike!  Here are a couple pictures of what the dining room looked like before all the finishing touches.  It never ceases to amaze me what some accessories, wall art, and fresh flowers can do to a space.

Dining Room Perdido2.jpg

These gorgeous matte grey bamboo chairs are from Ballard Designs.  I grew up with bamboo everything, so I am usually not a fan.  But these are so pretty and don't look like they belong in a sushi restaurant.  They are light, sophisticated, and actually quite coastal. Just perfect for this space!  The hutch has french casement hardware which adds a touch of traditional to the room.  I filled the hutch with simple and classic white dishes and pitchers, wooden plates from Artesana, and a couple fun accessories like the silver coral, driftwood balls, and antique wine bottles.

I used a simple burlap table runner and dressed up an antique dough bowl with beautiful fresh white hydrangeas and blue lace delphiniums.  I wish I could say I picked these beauties from my yard....aren't they gorgeous?!

The wall art consists of simple indigo prints of coral and palm fronds, which I found at a local Home Goods store.  The chandelier is a perfect bubbly accent for a beach condo. My client's grandkids are sure to love it!

We decided upon simple white slipcovered chairs for the ends of the table to keep with a neutral look. Not to mention, they can be washed and bleached, a huge PLUS!  The dining table is a gorgeous zinc top table, also from Ballard Designs.  It is sure to last many years, and many art project paint spills, no problem!  The rug is a simple seagrass rug with a grey border.  Easy for cleanups and stain camouflage. 

A fiddle fig adds a nice element of outdoors and a pop of color in this high rise condo.  I placed it in a navy woven basket, and that is placed on top of an antique shipping crate from Holland.  I love layering and stacking decor pieces to add interest and texture.

I am so proud of this space, and feel so lucky that my client chose me to design it.  We actually go way back to when I was in middle school and really good friends with her son. I am so blessed she trusted me at the beginning of my design career venture to create a beautiful and family friendly beach condo. 

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, and have enjoyed this project as much as I have.  Keep an eye out for the living room space coming soon!