Vintage 'Style' Rugs

Earlier this week I talked about my obsession with vintage and antique rugs.  I personally think they are so beautiful and timeless.  I'm talking family heirloom, pass it down for generations kind of timeless.  However, they can be a bit costly.  Some can even run upwards of $10,000!!  I know I can't afford, nor do I have a desire, to buy a $10,000 rug.

So, if you're not ready to commit or spend the $$ on a true antique rug, you can always opt to buy a vintage 'style' rug.  Some even have a worn look, giving you a true antique feel.  Now, let's be honest, they probably won't be hand knotted, and they will probably wear down over time resulting in you having to trash it.  But this way, you can have a super stylish and beautiful area rug while the trend is so hot.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

I love this one because it is so colorful.  Use it i to brighten up your living room for the spring and summer, or it would look really nice in a bedroom.  I can just imagine a linen tufted headboard bed on top of this pretty rug.  It's also a great price, as the 5'x 7.5' size is only $199 at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

This next rug is so rich with color, making it a very warm and inviting rug.  Place it in your foyer to add some visual interest as your guests walk into your home.  You could also buy a smaller size and layer it on top of a neutral seagrass rug.  If you already have a seagrass rug, get one of these beauties and place it on top - instant room revamp!  The 5' x 7' size is only $125 on Wayfair.  You can't say no to that price!

custom_image (3).png

I just love this one, as the design seems to be textured and looks as though it has a velvety feel.  It still has a vintage pattern and good coloring, but isn't as loud as the richly colored ones.  You can find this one on AllModern - the 8' x 10' is only $368.

Pottery Barn and other big name home stores are also carrying some vintage style rugs.  This one is a hand tufted rug, giving it a more high quality feel and appearance .  Pair it with a weathered wood desk and it can make a really great statement in your home office.  It's a little more costly than rugs from Wayfair or other internet sites, but still affordable and it is probably higher quality.  The 8' x 10' is currently on sale for $799 at Pottery Barn.

How awesome would this runner be in a beach house hallway or kitchen?  I love the muted colors and geometric design.  I may just have to buy this one too, because for an 8' runner, it's on sale for $76 at AllModern.

I personally own these next two rugs and I really like them.  This first blue distressed rug I have in my living room. I love it because I wanted a touch of blue in that space, but not too much. It's also really great with hiding dog hair!! Always a plus!

This one has to be my all time favorite vintage 'style' rug.  This is the rug I put in our baby girl's nursery.  I remember being hesitant to buy it, because it was a little more than I was comfortable spending, but boy I'm sure glad I did.  It is truly the softest and most comfortable rug I have ever owned!  I would put one in every room if I could.  The 8' x 10' size is $450, which I think is a wonderful price for the quality of this rug.  I also love the fringed edge which adds a little boho feel to it as well.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 11.49.50 AM.png

Happy rug shopping!! 

Have a wonderful weekend friends!