Big Boy Bedroom Makeover


Good morning!!!  We spent this past weekend in New Orleans at Jazz Fest.  Don't get me wrong, it was a much needed adult weekend but I was definitely missing my little.  On the way home, I was thinking about how time really does fly and I remembered that saying everyone always said to your parents when you were young - "They grow up so fast".  The saying that you never really understood because you felt like you would never grow up.  But if you have kids, it totally hits the nail on the head.  

If you are a parent, then you know that your child’s room will change a lot more frequently than every other room in the house.  We have already redone our son’s room 3 times to accommodate his growing up {oh, how I hate those words}.

When I was designing the nursery I knew I didn’t want a ‘baby’ room, which I think is a big trend right now.  I didn’t want to completely redo his room when Jaxon grew out of his crib.  We chose not to paint his room with light pastel colors, and we made sure to decorate with pieces that would grow with him.  We have a chocolate lab, Maggie, which I knew would be Jaxon's best friend one day, so I wanted to be sure I included her in his nursery and bedroom design.  Here’s a picture of his nursery – it was not too baby, but quite serene.  When I was pregnant, I painted the 'dog in a canoe' picture above the fireplace, which is still a focal point in his room today.

When it was time to replace the crib with a big boy bed, I really didn't have the energy nor the time to completely redo Jaxon's room.  We decided to just rearrange and make it work.  I mean, he was only two - he didn't care about what his room looked like very much.  And I knew I wasn't quite ready to make the leap into a full blown Ninja Turtle room!

So I found some new window coverings, we got a fun and bright car themed duvet cover, added a trunk for his toys, and called it a day!  Everything else was left the same, and it was a quick and easy transformation.

Now Jaxon is five years old.  He's starting to really get into super heroes.  Most recently it has been Star Wars and all things Spiderman or Batman.  It does change daily, so I knew when we decided to do a complete overhaul on his room, that again, I was not going to do a theme.

Right before this past Christmas, the one day makeover began.  Jaxon was sent off with his grandparent's for the day, and my husband and I ran up to the paint store and gas station for some painting and renovating essentials {beer is a must when doing any kind of house project}.  The bulk of the project was to repaint the room.  We also had to go out and purchase a new full size mattress.  We found a great mattress discount store and we were in and out in 15 minutes.  Why can't choosing a mattress for us be so easy??  And his is actually more comfortable than ours too...go figure.  

By the end of the day, after a quick run to Hobby Lobby for some wall decorations and a new lamp, we were finished - I honestly couldn't believe we finished in a single day!!  My in-laws brought Jax home.  He was all smiles and literally speechless when he saw his new room.

Here are a couple images of his new big boy room - be sure to check out the inspiration board of Jaxon's big boy bedroom on my Projects page.

Lamp and frames are from Hobby Lobby, and the letters were found in an Atlanta Boutique.

Lamp and frames are from Hobby Lobby, and the letters were found in an Atlanta Boutique.

I hope you have a wonderful week! Get out and enjoy the sunshine with your littles!